Accelerating Woman Led Businesses through targeted investments

What We Look For


What is driving you?  Tell us your story and how you plan to make a difference in your customer's lives.  


We are looking for women who are willing to bust down any obstacle to success.  We are here to help you by opening doors and  rolling up our sleeves.  


Data and "street smarts' are invaluable to success.  We are here to help you by sharing our experiences as operators of venture backed startups with strong business operations experience.  

About Us

Early Stage Investments for Women with Big Ideas

We are seasoned entrepreneurs looking to help the next generation of women business leaders get their best chance at success through angel investment and elbow-grease.

Experienced Entrepeneurs

Decades of experience building and scaling businesses and programs, with the patience to help you navigate complex early stage business decisions.  


We are here to help you break through the glass and concrete ceilings and help you make your company a thriving success through our angel investment focused venture capital firm.  We are looking for tech leaders who are hell bent on making the next great tech company.  


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